My final project at Bezalel Academy was BabyMobile, an innovative infant car that evolves with your baby's growth and development. With three stages to choose from, BabyMobile provides a unique and exciting experience for your little one. The first stage begins as a walker, ensuring your baby's safety with its locked handles. Next, it transforms into a steerable "Bimba" car, allowing your child to steer and explore their surroundings. Finally, in the third stage, BabyMobile becomes a pedal car, encouraging physical activity and coordination. Utilizing advanced production technologies, BabyMobile's design not only offers a fun and enjoyable experience for your child, but also provides a developmental journey that will aid in their growth and well-being. Get ready to make memories and watch your baby grow with BabyMobile - the one-of-a-kind infant car that grows with your baby.
1 st stage
walker- At this stage the handles are locked by the seat which doesn't let the baby steer the car.
2nd stage
"Bimba" car- At this stage the seat replaces it's position so that the handles can move and steer the car.
3rd stage
Pedal car- At this stage the car flips it's riding direction and the pedals are added Between the front wheels.
w    o    r    k        p    r    o    c    e    s    s
Production technologies:
cnc milling, wood lamination, polymer casting, heat bending.​​​​​​​


Maple veneer, solid maple wood, PVC, ABS, stainless steel, molded silicone rubber.

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