"Ipe Wave Island"
Welcome to my exclusive "one-off" project – the "Ipe Wave Island." Inspired by the fluid curves of a guitar, this deck is a personal endeavor from design to construction.

Key Features:
Wavy Design: Drawing inspiration from guitar curves, evoking freedom.
Laser-Cut Elements: Ensuring robust connections at unique angles for lasting stability.
D-BOND Finish: Closure with a pre-painted panel and aluminum profiles for enduring strength.

Materials & Techniques:
IPE Wood: Forms the elegant deck floor.
Finnish Pine: Serves as the foundational structure and supports the overall construction.
Laser Cutting: Unique metall connection elements, ensuring robust connections at non-traditional angles.
D-BOND & Aluminum: Ensures a sleek and enduring finish.
Summary: "Ipe Wave Island" is more than a deck; it's a blend of happiness and wood, DIY spirit, and a touch of individuality. Reflecting my passion, this sunlit retreat is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship, and I'm thrilled to share it with you.

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